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AZ Statewide Paralegal

Our Fee is for Paralegal Services rendered in all counties. Costs include Filing Fees and publication costs and are listed for Pima County only. **Note: All Arizona Counties increased their recording fees to $30 per document on July 1, 2019** 

If serving the opposing party is required then add service of process fees as stated below *

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SERVICESOur FeePima County CostsTotal*
Uncontested Divorce without Children$400$274$674
Uncontested Divorce with Children (inc parenting class $45)$450$319$769
Legal Separation (same fees as Divorce)
Response to Petition$325$199$524
Consent Decree$325$199$524
Legal Decision Making (Custody) /Stipulation$400$89$489
Response for Custody Modification$325$325
Request for Mediation/Order$400 $89$489
Stipulation (Agreement) to Modify$400$89$489
Child Support Modification/Spousal Maintenance Stipulation$400$89$489
Paternity (+ parenting class fees $45)$400$314$714
Establish Child Support/Custody/Parenting Time$400$314$714
Motion and Order to Serve by Alternative Service$300$125 publication (if granted)$425
Grandparents Rights (+ service)$400$199$599
Adult Guardianship  includes process server$500$354$854
Minor Guardianship$500$204$704
Adult Conservatorship includes process server$500$354$854
Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship (same time)$600$354$954
Minor Guardianship and Conservatorship (same time)$600$204$804
Health Care Power of Attorney$100$100
Durable Power of Attorney$100$100
Parental Power of Attorney$100$100
Last Will$125$125
Real Estate Specific Power of Attorney$250$250
Living Will$100$100
Will Package$400$400
Living Trust Package (recording fee $30 per document) not included)$875$875
Amendment To Trust/Per Amendment$250$250
LLC Formation$250$85***$335
Articles of Amendment$250$60$310
Uncontested Probate (does not include $30 recording fee)$1200$375$1575
Affidavit of Succession (Real Property does not include recording fee of $30)$500$232.50$732.50
Affidavit of Succession (Personal Property)$350$350
Name Change$300$244$544
Quit Claim Deeds (Discount for multiple deeds same time)$250 $30$280
Annulment without Kids$375$274$774
Annulment with Kids$400$319$819
Temporary Order with Divorce Prep$200$200
Temporary Orders$300$300
 NOTE: For Services not mentioned please call (520) 327-4000 Tucson or (602) 253-1515 Phoenix for a price quote.

*ALL fees and costs are subject to change without prior notice. All fees and costs quoted assume that the opposing party will sign an Acceptance of Service document. If the opposing party will not sign voluntarily then service of process fees will apply as follows: Acceptance of Service $0, Publication $125, Process Server $150.

**Recording Fees vary by county and are additional for Deeds and Affidavits of Trust Existence

***If your LLC operates in any other county besides Pima or Maricopa there is a publication charge of $125.00 for the Notice of Filing