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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

What is a Health Care Power of Attorney?
A Health Care Power of Attorney gives an Agent, that you name, the authority to act on your behalf and to carry out your end of life wishes as stated in your Living Will when you become seriously ill and incapacitated. This document states whether or not you consent to an autopsy and whether you want to be an organ donor. All of our Powers of Attorney include the required HIPAA release indicating that you give your permission for your agent to obtain your Health information and medical records.   An incapacitated person who did not execute a health care power of attorney prior to incapacity and who is unable to make their own health care decisions due to their incapacity may require a Guardian to be appointed by the Court.  Guardianship is a court proceeding that requires a Petition, the appointment of an attorney to represent the incapacitated person, an investigator and a physician's report.  Notice must be given to all interested parties of the hearing and then the Judge determines the Guardian.  This process is time consuming.  An executed Health Care Power of Attorney prior to incapacity would survive their incapacity and the Health Care Power of Attorney will be able to take immediate action when health decisions are needed.
awards Power of Attorney Rates:
Health Care POA $200
Durable (Financial) POA $200
Parental POA $250
What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

A Durable Power of Attorney gives an Agent, that you name, the authority to conduct any financial transactions for you on your behalf if you become seriously ill or incapacitated. These powers of attorney are valid until your death or until you revoke them in writing. A durable financial power of attorney gives the power to buy and sell real estate, pay bills, sign documents, among other powers of a financial nature.

Without a Durable Financial Power of Attorney, an incapacitated person may require a conservator to handle their financial decision and estate during their life and while incapacitated.  Like Guardianship, a Conservatorship is a legal process requiring a hearing, an attorney for the incapacitated person, an investigator and physician’s report and is a time consuming process.

Planning now for incapacity avoids problems later when a loved one suddenly becomes incapacitated without warning.

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