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Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time

Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time

Legal Decision Making (Custody) and Parenting Time
If you are thinking of modifying your current Arizona Child Legal Decision Making (Custody) or Parenting Time Order but don't want to pay the high cost of an attorney we can help! If you are considering changing from sole Legal Decision Making (Custody) to joint Legal Decision Making (Custody) or joint Legal Decision Making (Custody) to sole Legal Decision Making (Custody) there are many important factors the Court considers before deciding to even grant you a hearing and then ultimately modify Legal Decision Making (Custody). We suggest hiring an attorney if both parties are not in agreement. If both Mother and Father agree we can prepare the legal documents to modify your existing legal decision making or parenting time orders.
Custody Rates:
$500 Modification/ Stipulation * plus costs
We have handled cases like this since 1992 so you can count on our experience!

The best interests of the children is the court’s only concern and some factors that Family Courts consider when modifying Legal Decision Making (fka Custody) are the following:

  • The child’s wishes
  • Each parent’s wishes
  • The child’s adjustment to home, school, and the community
  • Any history of domestic violence or child abuse
  • Whether the parents have provided primary care of the child
  • The mental and physical health of all individuals involved
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • Each parent’s willingness to foster a meaningful and substantial relationship with the other parent
  • Whether 1 parent has been accused of filing false allegations of neglect or abuse
  • Whether the parents have completed the Parent Information Class

Most court orders include a provision that requires Mediation prior to filing a Petition to Modify. While we are unable to prepare the Petitions to Modify, we are able to prepare your Request for Mediation. Your Request for Mediation will be served upon the opposing party and whether or not the opposing party responds, we will request an Order granting or denying the Mediation request. If the Court approves your Request for Mediation, then both Mother and Father attend in order to come to an agreement on legal decision making or parenting time. Many times child Legal Decision Making (fka Custody) is determined at mediation if both parents come to an agreement.


Parenting time is the amount of time the non custodial parent spends with the children and parenting time can be modified without changing Legal Decision Making (Custody) either by an agreement or by filing a Motion to Modify Parenting Time and making a court appearance.

If you want to increase or decrease the number of Parenting Time days, the times of day that the children are with the non-custodial parent, summer vacations or holidays, typically, modifying an Arizona Parenting Time Order is substantially quicker than modifying Legal Decision Making (Custody).

We have handled cases like this since 1992 so you can count on our experience!

We have the software needed to calculate and prepare the documents that will help you!

We do all of the running around to file your documents so you don’t have to!

We will file the documents at the Court for you.

We will have the other person served and make sure the Court receives “proof of service”.

We keep track of all of the deadlines so the process is stress free for you!

After 25 days we will file a Request for an Order Granting or Denying Mediation. We will notify you of the Mediation date. If both Mother and Father come to an agreement at Mediation, the Mediator will obtain your orders for you or direct you to submit a Stipulation to Modify Legal Decision Making or Parenting Time. We are able to assist you with this Stipulation if it is required.