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Child Support

Child Support

We handle all types of child support issues like:
  • Modification of Child Support
  • Termination of Child Support
  • Establishing Child Support
  • Deviations from Child Support
We have the software needed to calculate your child support and prepare the documents for your specific case.
Child Support Rates:
$500 Modification / Stipulation * plus costs
We have handled cases like this since 1992 so you can count on our experience!
We do all of the running around to file your documents so you don’t have to!

We will file the documents at the Court for you.

We will have the other person served and make sure the Court receives “proof of service”.

We keep track of all of the deadlines so the process is stress free for you!

If the other person does not file a Response to our paperwork then we will file a request for you so that the Judge will sign the Child Support Order that we will prepare for you.

Here are the factors that go into determining the child support amount.
  • The gross income of both parents (actual or estimated)
  • Whether or not either party has children from a different relationship
  • Any spousal maintenance paid by either parent
  • The cost of medical, dental and healthcare insurance for the children
  • The cost of daycare for the children
  • The cost of any extraordinary educational expense (private school)
  • The cost of any extraordinary healthcare expenses for the children
  • The number of days the children visit with the noncustodial parent