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No time to make it to our office? Need paralegal services that are actually in Arizona? Ready for online documents that are filed and served for you?

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Esteban Dirks

Esteban Dirks
14:48 12 Oct 17

I had them prepare a trust with related other documents (living wills, power of attorney, etc.). They were thorough and reasonably priced. However, unless you can accept a standard cookie cutter trust, you need to be prepared with exactly how you want your assets distributed upon your death. I knew what I wanted. So after the initial version of the trust was ready, I had them make several changes until it was worded exactly the way I wanted. They made these changes promptly.


Grace Cannon

Grace Cannon
22:07 11 Oct 17

Statewide paralegals, we're great very professional easy to talk to Shannon was very knowledgeable in how to handle my legal needs I would recommend them to anyone needing legal advice. The cost was very responsible too thank you Statewide Paralegal.

Martin Gonzalez

Melissa Wood

Melissa Wood
20:20 25 Feb 17

A person may eventually encounter a situation in their life that may require an action by a legal authoritative. A person may be unsure of the proper steps to take and think lawyers are the only ones to go to for counsel. In my cases, I've experienced counsel with attorneys were not just expensive, but non compassionate and insensitive to the matters at hand. My experience with AZ Statewide Paralegal, not only owned expertise knowledge of the law, but provided the best professional care in my case. I had the right team to advocate for my rights through the legalities of my case and directed the cause to produce the final outcome without any further hardship. They handled the case in an efficient timely matter and were available for any questions and concerns I had. It wasn't about "winning" and gratification. I had validation in the truth with facts of the matters. For once, I didn't feel beaten down by the court or law. This time, my efforts were understood and cared for with a touch of empathy. I felt a sense of relief and believed a form of restitution does exist. . My daughter looked at me and saw her hero. I looked at my daughter and saw my champion.

Regular Joe

Regular Joe
21:22 25 Feb 17

High quality responsive organization. Very impressed. Thank you for your meticulous and professional service on my behalf. Your ability to move rapidly and solidify my requirements kept things from escalating out of control.

Much obliged,

Gene (Rick) Maze

kotieswar chowdary Chirumamilla

kotieswar chowdary Chirumamilla
21:33 11 Oct 17

They made process very easy and i would recommend them.

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