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Arizona Divorce, Annulment, and Legal Separation

Arizona Divorce, Annulment, and Legal Separation In Arizona, couples have three options for legally changing their married status: divorce, annulment, or legal separation. Divorce is a legal termination of marriage. Annulment is a legal finding that a marriage was invalid from the start. Legal separation leaves spouses married but separates their income and debts going...
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What is probate?

Arizona’s Probate Process   What is probate?   Probate is a legal process in which the court appoints a personal representative of the estate of a person who has died and if there is a Last Will and Testament, probate finds the Will is valid and admits it into probate. That personal representative is responsible...
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Child Support

In his proclamation naming August 2015 Child Support Awareness Month, Governor  Douglas A. Ducey states that, “children need parental support and stability from both parents for their financial, emotional and physical growth.” I’m sure we can all agree that a well planned child support agreement is important not only to secure the material needs of...
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Starting Your Divorce with AZ Statewide Paralegal   AZ Statewide Paralegal offers professional legal document preparation services. We have decades of experience preparing documents for divorces in Arizona. By using our service you can avoid the expense of a high priced attorney so that you can focus your financial resources on helping your family make...
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Civil Lawsuits

Civil Lawsuits in Arizona   When many people think of the courts, they often think of criminal law – cases where someone is being prosecuted by the government after being accused of a crime. However, there is another branch of law that handles issues among individuals, businesses, and corporations. This is called civil law.  ...
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Garnishment   What is Garnishment? Garnishment is a legal proceeding in which the plaintiff seeks to have a debt satisfied by accessing money that is owed to the debtor by one or more third parties. The example familiar to most people is wage garnishment, in which a portion of the debtor’s employment earnings may be...
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