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Faster Divorces in Tucson than in Phoenix!

It’s amazing but true! Getting a Divorce in Tucson is actually faster than getting a Divorce in Phoenix? How is that possible? Well in Arizona there is a statutory waiting period of 61 days however, the local rules of procedure for Divorce in Tucson, Pima County, are such that I can submit your Decree for...
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Child Support documents in Tucson

If you live in Tucson, Arizona and have children and are currently paying child support or receiving child support; At one time or another you have wanted to get more or pay less!.  If you live in Tucson but don’t want to pay a fortune to an attorney to prepare your Arizona child support documents...
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We have a strong desire to provide affordable legal services to our clients.  Sometimes we have determined that some of our potential clients are in need of the services of an Attorney and frequently ask for a referral.  Likewise there may be times when you have a client that you may be unable to help...
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What is a "No Fault" divorce?

According to answers.com, the definition of a no-fault divorce is “a divorce which is granted without the necessity of finding a spouse to have been guilty of some marital misconduct.” Before no-fault divorce statutes were established, one had to prove that specific marital misconduct, such as infidelity or abandonment, had taken place, and there had...
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What is a legal document preparer?

I still get this question amazingly enough even from my clients.  Legal document preparers prepare legal documents, file legal documents, and serve legal documents.  We are able to offer people general information as it pertains to the law but cannot give legal advice, offer opinions or strategies for a client’s particular case. We can give...
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Another Option! Statewide Paralegal goes Online!

Just what you needed right? Just another online divorce document website Right? WRONG! We provide something you won’t find on other sites like legalzoom or completecase.com. We not only prepare the documents but we file and serve them for you!.  You don’t have to worry about confusing filing instructions and confusing service of process instructions.  We...
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