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Apply for Legal Permanent Residence (Green Card)



We prepare applications for Legal Permanent Residence (Green Card Applications) to assist those who wish to represent themselves without an attorney.  We are Arizona Supreme Court Certified and licensed to prepare your application without an attorney. Now more than ever, we find ourselves surrounded by uncertainty and the demand for fast affordable help has never been higher.


  1. We first determine if you are able to proceed with our service or if your situation requires the legal advice of an attorney.
  2. We prepare your application or petition from the information that you provide.
  3. We gather the required supporting documents from you or assist you with information on how to obtain the required supporting documents
  4. We prepare your package of documents in the most organized manor that the USCIS requires to ensure that your package is easy to navigate.
  5. We provide you with updates on when your package was filed or mailed for filing and provide you with the tracking number
  6. In cases where an electronic receipt is provided, we provide you with the receipt and are able to track your case in most instances and advise you on where you are in the process.

APPLY FOR GREEN CARD (Immediate Relative and Family Preference Immigrant Visas)

The application process begins with a family member, employer or school filing a Petition for you, the intending immigrant.  The petitioner can be a U.S Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder).  The petitioner must prove that the intending immigrant will not require financial support from the government such as public benefits.  The Petitioner will file an Affidavit of Support which is a contract made by the Petitioner that he or she will financially support the intending immigrant while they are living in the United States and only under certain conditions will the contract to support the intending immigrant terminate.