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Paralegal Garnishment Services AZ Statewide Paralegal Serving Tucson, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale.

I have a Judgment. How do I collect from the debtor?

If you have already obtained a Judgment then we will prepare the necessary paperwork to begin collection of the money owed to you. We serve the employer (Garnishee) of the person who owes you money (the Judgment Debtor) so that the employer is notified of your intent to withhold money from the Judgment Debtor's paycheck.


Garnishment Rates:

  • $550 Earnings/Non-Earnings Garnishment
  • * plus costs

We have handled cases like this since 1992 so you can count on our experience!

I divorced my spouse and the Decree says my spouse owes me money. Can you prepare garnishment documents to collect this money?

Yes, your Decree of Dissolution of Marriage is the judgment. We can obtain a certified copy of the Decree to start the garnishment process.

How exactly does the garnishment process work?